The health and safety of

Ponce de Salon

customers and workers is our highest and of utmost priority. We continue to monitor developments related to

coronavirus (COVID-19).

We want to assure you that we are taking ALL necessary health and safety precautions in accordance with the CDC (Centers for Disease Control and Prevention), State, and Local health officials for both our customers and employees.

Please note that we are now open

for business.

Visit out website periodically for updates.

Contact us as usual via

Phone: (772) 226-0780 


or visit the website at our Covid-19 page.

Please take care of your health.


July 6th update

All clients are now required to enter through the front door

and exit through the back door.

​All of our stylists work in separate rooms.

 September 26th, 2020

 The Governor's latest executive order which reopens the economy to Phase III status does not affect us directly. We  have been allowed to reopen since Phase II.

Since we cannot offer Curbside, Pick-up or Delivery services you must come to us.

We shall continue adhering to the official guidelines as dictated by the state of Florida.

There are several requirements and protocols that have to be observed by both hair salon personnel and their clients.

Please acquint yourselves with the state's

 salon / client protocols.

Plan carefully your appointments and be patient for your scheduled appointment time.

Also be mindful that we may have more than one stylist working at the same time, so there may be other clients at the salon at your scheduled time.

All of our stylists work in separate rooms.

Remember, that the health and safety of all salon personal and clients are our highest priorities.

Stay safe and healthy.

​If you have any comments please leave them on our contact page.

Please read

Salon Reopening Safety Protocols below.

Salon Reopening Safety Protocols.


     Barbers, cosmetologist, nail specialists, facial specialist, hair braiders, hair wrappers and body wrappers are allowed to reopen their businesses.

These license holders are permitted to perform the barbering or cosmetology services as authorized by their respective license or registration.

     Barbershops and salons must manage capacity of their businesses on an appointment-only schedule and must allow at least 15 minutes between customers for proper disinfecting practices.
     Barbershops and salons should take necessary action to limit gatherings in waiting areas prior to and following appointments to the extent necessary to promote appropriate social distancing.
     Barber shops and salons are encouraged to adopt means of limiting patrons waiting for appointments, such as calling patrons from a waiting vehicle or outdoor waiting area once an available service station is cleaned, prepared, and ready for service of the next patron

     Barbershops and salons should remove all unnecessary, frequent-touch items, such as magazines, newspapers, service menus, and any other unnecessary paper products and décor from customer service areas.
     These businesses should take necessary action to limit gatherings of patrons in waiting areas to the extent necessary to promote appropriate social distancing.

     The order does not allow group appointments. The business should restrict the number of individual appointments to the number of available service stations that can be responsibly accommodated while maintaining appropriate social distancing.

     The order does not restrict the hours of operation of a barbershop or salon.

     A mask must be worn by an employee while providing personal services in the barbershop or salon. The requirement to wear a mask while providing services remains in effect until further notice.

     Licensed professionals are not required to wear gloves or any other personal protective equipment other than a mask when providing services.

     Customers are not required to wear mask, however, barbershops and salons are encouraged to consider providing unworn masks to clients for use during their appointment. As private businesses, barbershops and salons may adopt their own policies requiring the use of a mask by patrons obtaining services.

     Barbershops and salons should be thoroughly cleaned and disinfected prior to reopening, and disinfection practices should be repeated, at minimum, between each day of operation. All surfaces, tools, and linens should be disinfected, even if the items were cleaned before the barbershop or salon was closed.

     The Department of Business and Professional Regulation maintains routine inspection practices at licensed barbershops and salons, which will continue during the effect of this order. The Department will incorporate the restrictions of this order in compliance with inspection activities.

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